Privacy Policy

SCI&U: Mobile App Privacy Policy

The SCI&U App (SAAGE) collects data about self-care that is related to spinal cord injury. This data may include information about basic care routines (e.g. bladder management or skin care routines) that may be of interest to members of an individuals' care time. A user may enter details about their care and the app will summarize it in a way that can be easily communicated via email or fax to others. The app collects data that is transmitted to a password protected database that is accessible only to members of the SCI&U research team at the University of Toronto. The SCI&U research team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers that are working to improve self-management support for persons with Spinal Cord Injury who live in the community. At this time (January 2023) the apps from the team are prototypes and are intended for research purposes only.

Users may delete the information that is stored in this database at any time from within the app by clicking the "Delete" button. They may also delete their accounts entirely from within the app. None of the data in the app are transmitted to another system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SCI&U research team liaison at